Jacob’s Pickles Recognized by Manhattan Borough President for Community Development


March 19 is now officially Jacob’s Pickles Day in New York City! Jacob & George Hadjigeorgis were honored by Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer on March 19, 2016 for their community service at the Community School District 3 (CSD3) Science Fair at the Urban Assembly School for Green Careers (UAGC). Local students and families flooded the halls of the Science Expo. Tall informative trifolds could hardly contain the excitement as a range of pre-K -8th graders showcased months of experiments into the mystery behind phenomena like: laundry detergent for best stain removal and rocket propulsion and aerodynamics.  DJ Sheppard, Family Leadership Coordinator for District 3, and UAGC Assistant Principal Luke Janka organized this stunning event, the first of its kind at UAGC.

Out of the bustling crowd, a table of Jacob’s Pickles appeared like early crops after spring’s arrival. Jacob prides himself on sustainability. Not just in food, but with economic development too -(as two of Jacob’s Digs’ favorite ambassadors would attest, Shania and Johancarla, both sophomores at UAGC, have worked with Jacob’s Digs in more than a few paid youth internships!). Jacob’s Digs offers paid youth internships for fine dining fundraisers, farm to table events, and summer horticultural programs.

Gale Brewer was there, Helen Rosenthal too. As the crowds clamored to a quiet moment, Ms. Brewer honored Jacob & George Hadjigeorgis for their years of community service on the Upper West Side since the opening of Jacob’s Pickles. Jacob’s Pickles Day was decreed with humor and friendship as Gale gave an eloquent recount of George’s path from Cypress to New York, and how the journey would in turn inspire Jacob’s community minded approach to business. Two large golden crested proclamations bearing the official seal of New York City now officially hold March 19th for Jacob’s Pickles Day.

Joaquin Elizondo

Chief Strategy Officer

Jacob’s Pickles Digs NY