Jacob’s Pickles at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic: May, 2014


Glam. Glitz. Pickles.

Jacob’s Pickles got a front row seat to this year’s Manhattan Cocktail Classic at the NY        Public Library. It was an honor to be among friends, colleagues and all of the other great brands there. The library was transformed into a grand ‘Cirque de Great Gatsby’ with live music, acrobats, themed rooms, extravagant decor and even more extravagant attire. The cocktails were extraordinary and unique to each supplier, hand crafted and garnished to the teeth.  We were in the middle of the beautiful chaos, mason jars in tow with our signature pickled vegetables which quickly became a hit among guests (some patrons and some new friends). Pickles, beets, carrots, tomatoes and beans soon became empty buckets of brine and before long we were handing out virgin dicklebacks until festivities came to an end and we all turned back into pumpkins. It was a night we will never forget. An experience truly unique. We’re so grateful to have been a part of this celebration of NYC and its commitment to art, craft, deliciousness… and overall excellence.

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